More Than 25 Years Experience on Welding and Joining

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SORPAS® is a professional FEA software specially made for simulation and optimization of resistance welding, mechanical joining and related processes. It has been developed for engineers by engineers for industrial applications.

It can be quickly learned and easily used by engineers with practical knowledge and experiences in welding and joining. It doesn’t need prior knowledge of numerical simulation.

The integration of engineering expertise with numerical techniques has made SORPAS® a unique and powerful tool for engineers directly working in industry.

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Since first commercialized in 1999…


SORPAS® has been continuously developed and improved for industrial applications.


It is now widely used by leading companies for applications of resistance welding and mechanical joining in industry all over the world supporting research and development, weldability evaluation, welding process parameter optimization, process planning, and product launching, as well as production maintenance.



Resistance welding, mechanical joining and adhesive bonding are three of the most productive and competitive joining technologies widely applied in manufacturing industry especially automotive, aerospace and electronics industries. They are constantly advanced with modern innovations and computer technologies…

Resistance Welding

resistance spot welding

Resistance welding includes spot welding, projection welding, seam welding, butt welding and micro resistance welding…

Mechanical Joining

self piercing riveting

Mechanical joining includes clinching, riveting, clinch riveting, self-piercing riveting and other joining processes by forming…

Adhesive Bonding

adhesive bonding

Adhesive bonding (also referred to as gluing) is to join materials by applying an intermediate layer of adhesives or glues…

Numerical Simulation

welding simulation

Numerical simulation is a computer technology by using numerical modeling methods to imitate engineering processes…