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Resistance welding applicationsResistance welding is one of the most productive joining technologies widely applied in automotive, electrical and electronics, aerospace and other metal processing industry. Its process variants include spot welding, projection welding, seam welding, butt welding and micro welding.

Due to the fact of many dynamic parameters interacting in resistance welding processes, it is a huge task to setup and optimize the production lines applying resistance welding and difficult to solve welding problems.

Through continuous research and development, our innovative welding software SORPAS® has been more and more applied by industry leaders for simulation and optimization of resistance welding applications, to improve weld quality, cut costs and reduce time-to-market.

new SORPAS® 3D is now released with many new functions for simulation and optimization of industrial applications of resistance welding!

Weld shear strength test 
  All-in-one 3D simulation of resistance welding, weld strength tests and failure modes!
Gazelle Company 2013 - SWANTEC 
SWANTEC has been honored as a "Gazelle Company 2013" in Denmark for a high growth in the past four years. Many thanks to our customers and partners worldwide for continuous support and cooperation over all years.

8th International Seminar
8th Seminar on Advances in Resistance Welding

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