SORPAS® Concept

SORPAS is a dedicated finite element (FEA/FEM) software intelligently engineered for simulation and optimization of resistance welding and mechanical joining processes.

The integration of welding expertise with numerical modeling techniques has made SORPAS a powerful tool directly useful for industrial applications.

The core values of the SORPAS® concept are in the following:

  • Understanding the real problems and challenges facing the industry
  • Admiring the intelligence of engineers and their way of working
  • Implementing new technology to daily work of engineers in industry

SORPAS® can be quickly learned and easily used by engineers to solve their welding and joining problems in industry.

No prior knowledge of simulation is needed to learn and use the software.

The competence of SORPAS®

  • Spot welding
  • Projection welding
  • Fusing / Hot staking
  • Riveting, SPR and clinching
  • Weld/joint strength testing

The industries needing SORPAS®

Ensure before weldingTM

Finding the Process Window of good parameters is the key to weld planning, process control and production maintenance for the best weld quality.

Process Optimization and Excel Batch Planning are the mostly used functions of SORPAS to predict the process window for improving weld quality, increasing production stability, and reducing expulsion (splash, spatter).

The welding process window


  • Save costs
  • Reduce time / time to market
  • Speed up production commissioning
  • Increase production stability
  • Improve weld quality
  • Facilitate innovation
  • Modernize technology by digitalization

Value-added Advantages

  • Material database
  • Workpiece database (product designs)
  • Electrode database (electrode designs)
  • Welding machine database
  • Weld schedule database
  • Process planning/Optimizing approaches
  • Weld/Joint strength testing templates

The SORPAS system  –  focus on Welding and Joining

The add-on modules