Quality policy

SWANTEC was established in 1999 for development and sales of welding software and services to welding industries worldwide. Quality is the most important to our business because we value our customers’ satisfaction at top priority. We strive to provide products and services with ever improving quality through our quality management system (certified to ISO 9001:2015) to meet or exceed expectations of our customers.

The overall objective of our work with quality is
to create software and provide services which will
Ensure before weldingTM
We are committed to continuous improvements on our quality performance:
  • To keep good relationship with customers by effective communications and responsive services.
  • To deliver products and services in accordance with specifications and requirements of customers.
  • To keep leading edge in professional competence and up-to-date with related technologies and innovations.
  • To be flexible and independent in planning and execution.
  • To meet all relevant legal requirements and legislations.

In a competitive market, the demands and expectations of customers are changing. It is therefore vital that procedures and competencies are being updated and developed continuously to ensure excellent quality of products and services in accordance with specifications and requirements.