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Keynote speech: State-of-the-art in welding and joining and a look into Industry 4.0
Mr. Martin Greitmann

Joining by Forming of Composite Sandwich Panels to Metallic Tubes
Mr. L.M. Alves, Mr. R.M. Afonso, Mr. C.M.A. Silva, Mr. Paulo Martins

Experimental study as basis for the simulation of Joining by Forming
Mr. Jan Kalich

FEM simulation for the development of data-based process models in mechanical joining technology (presentation)
Mr. Tobias Falk, Mr. Thomas Kropp, Mr. Mathias Jäckel

New Method to Estimate Fatigue Life of Multi-Material Connections Joined by Self-Piercing Rivets (presentation)
Mr. Jan Presse

Weld Quality Study of Projection Nut Welding with Modular Weld Head
Mr. R. Nivas, Mr. Z. Jiao, Mr. K. Chan, Mr. Nigel Scotchmer, Mr. Y. Zhou

A study on the effect of local fracture toughness on the cross-tension strength of advanced high strength steel resistance spot weld
Mr. Ali Chabok, Mr. E. van der Aa, Mr. J.T.M. De Hosson, Mr. Y.T. Pei

Advances in resistance welding of aluminium for volume production applications (presentation)
Mr. Sullivan Smith

A study on seam welding on steels for fuel tank
Mr. Sangman Yun, Mr. Gyuyeol Bae, Mr. Sangho Uhm, Mr. Hongcheol Jeong

Batteries need strong connections – are resistance, laser and micro TIG welding the best suited joining technologies?
Jörg Kundrat, Mr. Marcin Alexy

Aluminium/Copper-compounds, “the missing link” between lightweight and power
Mr. Arno Marto

Experimental study on the role of the electrical contact resistance in resistance projection welding
Mr. Michael Wehle, Mr. G. Schmitz, Mr. Martin Greitmann

Material mixes in modern automotive body-in-white production and consequences on energy consumption in production facilities
Mr. Jörg Eggers, Mr. Ralf Bothfeld

Development of resistance spot welding technology applying 2-stage adaptive control for narrow pitch spot welding
Mr. Chikaumi Sawanishi

Projection Welding of nuts with Electromechanical Electrode Force System
Mr. Zygmunt Mikno, Mr. Szymon Kowieski, Mr. Adam Pilarczyk

Influence of cone angles on behavior of Truncated electrodes, a practical and FEA study
Mr. Arnout Dejans, Mr. Hendrik Roels, Mr. Patrick Van Rymenant

Visualization by high speed camera and observation of welding phenomena
Mr. Kiyoyuki Fukui

Omicron – an Adaptive Smart Sensor with Optical Monitoring of Electrode Quality in Spot Welding Production (presentation)
Mr. Eugenio Tedeschi, Mr. Marco Paleari, Mr. Giuseppe Palopoli

Imaging spot weld inspection using Phased Array technology
Mr. Carsten Köhler

Evolution of computer simulation and optimization with potential for machine learning and artificial intelligence
Mr. Wenqi Zhang