SORPAS training workshop

SORPAS training workshop
September 6 - September 7    9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Training program

Day 1

  • Fundamentals of resistance welding and industrial problems
  • Fundamentals of numerical simulations and development of SORPAS®
  • The software system and functions of SORPAS®
  • How to work with SORPAS®
  • Demonstrations with some typical examples.

Day 2

  • Hands-on exercises with simulations of standard examples
  • Hands-on exercises with the own welding problems prepared by the users
  • Wrap up of the training and make sure users are able to make new simulations and analyze simulation results.

Available spaces:-3/10

This workshop is fully booked.

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Diplomvej 373
2800 Kongens lyngby