Training and Services

SWANTEC provides technical support to SORPAS users and also offer consulting service to the welding industry. We do our utmost to ensure that our customers get the most out of using SORPAS for welding simulations and optimizations. We also help potential customers make good use of our services and pick the right software modules for their purpose. Therefore, we offer training to users of SORPAS and also organize public workshops for demonstrations of SORPAS applications and new developments.

Consulting service to welding industry

SWANTEC provides consulting service to the welding industry by offering project work for supporting weldability studies, product developments, weld process parameter optimizations, and welding simulation of customer specified problems in resistance welding and related processes including spot welding, projection welding, seam welding, butt welding, and micro welding.

After receiving information of the welding problem and requests from the customer, a project proposal and a quotation will be forwarded to the customer within three business days. The project work and report will be completed and delivered to the customer on time.

SWANTEC will keep confidentiality of customer case and related information and sign NDA if necessary.

Technical support to SORPAS users

Technical support is provided to the licensed users of SORPAS free of charge by e-mail and telephone. We support software applications and also help discussing and solving welding problems.

A support ticket can be created by sending the message and data file via the Contact form.

Training for SORPAS users

We recommend all new users of SORPAS® to take a training course on the fundamentals and applications of the software to quickly get started with welding simulations and optimizations.

The training is normally arranged via online meeting with Teams or WebEx.

The training for SORPAS® 2D is for 2 hours. The training for SORPAS® 3D is for 3 hours. A follow up meeting for 1 hour will be arranged after one month to discuss user experiences and answer questions. The users can always send email to us at any time for any problem or questions.

It is possible to arrange on-site training at the customer premises. Please contact us or our distributors about the cost and schedule.

Open workshop for all

We organize open Workshop on SORPAS® normally once a year to demonstrate the general functions and applications and also present the latest developments of SORPAS® software systems.

The standard program of the workshop takes one day. In the morning, we will have presentations and demonstrations. In the afternoon, there will be hands-on exercises.

The date and location of the workshop will be announced on our website under Events.

Conference and semiars

SWANTEC also organizes a conference every second year to exchange the latest knowledge and development on welding and mechanical joining with experts and industrial professionals around the world. You find information on seminars here.