We are decicated to secure that our customers get the most out of their license and that potential customers pick the rigth software package for their purpose.

Therefore, we offer different types of training.


All new users of SORPAS® are recommended to take a short training course on the fundamentals and applications of the software including some hands-on exercises. SORPAS® training workshop helps the users to quickly start working with SORPAS® simulations.

The content of the training depends on the software package and the applications that the customer would like to focus on.

Webex training

In some cases, where the user needs a training in some specific areas of the software or it for some reason is difficult to meet, we also offer training via webex.

Normally, we spend 2×2 hours with 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.

The webex solution makes it possible to share content from both the customer’s screen and our screen.

Brush up or new users

We also conduct training of existing customers and their new emploees. The content of the training is decided based on needs and the traning can be at our office, at the customer’s office, or a webex.

Open workshop for all

The standard training course takes two days with the following program:

The first day

1) Fundamentals of resistance welding and industrial problems
2) Fundamentals of numerical simulations and development of SORPAS® 2D
3) The software system and functions of SORPAS® 2D welding & joining
4) How to work with SORPAS® 2D welding & joining
5) Hands-on exercises with the own welding/joining problems prepared by users

The second day

1) The applications of SORPAS® 3D welding & testing
2) The software system and functions of SORPAS® 3D welding & testing
3) How to work with SORPAS® 3D welding & testing
4) Hands-on exercises with the own welding problems prepared by the users

If the user has practical experiences on resistance welding and some knowledge of numerical simulations with the finite element method (FEM), the training course may be shortened to an intensive one-day program.

The training course can be provided either directly by SWANTEC or through our authorized distributors.

Please contact us or our distributors about the cost and schedule an on-site training course at the customer premises.