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Gap between sheets

Gap between welding parts causes problems like no weld or expulsion. By using process windows with different gap distance, you may get an idea for optimal welding parameters.

Weld quality & hold time

When engineers plan the welding process parameters, the weld nugget size is the key factor to optimize. But weld quality is not only about the weld nugget size. It is also important to get high weld strengths and good material properties around the weld. In this case study, we present the influences of the hold … Continue reading

Process window and strength of steels

The weldability of material is different from each other. It also means each material has its own process windows.

Validation of SORPAS® Simulations

Many factors influence the simulation results. In order to minimize the amount of work that users have to do to verify the highly dynamically coupled numerical models and their interactions with the input conditions, we have already made a lot of verifications and validations of all models with lab tests and user feedback. Many numerical … Continue reading

How to minimize errors in simulations?

In order to minimize the risk of errors in the simulation, we recommend that you check carefully the following points to see if they are correct before pressing “Start simulation”: Geometric models and dimensions Sheet thickness Coating thickness Electrode shape / bulk diameter / tip diameter Electrode tip face curvature Material data Sheet material Coating … Continue reading

What are the requirements for my PC to run SORPAS®?

The recommended computer specifications are as follows: Type of computer:           Server computer / desktop / laptop Operation system:           Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 System architect              64-bit system Processor speed:              3 GHz or higher Number of cores:              4 cores or more especially for SORPAS 3D RAM:                                  8 GB or higher … Continue reading

Export of data

Export of data to LS-Dyna You can export your simulation results from SORPAS® 3D into LS-Dyna. Go to: “File/Export/Results to LS-Dyna Export of data to DynaWeld You can export your results from SORPAS® 2D into DynaWeld. The interface enables you to export process simulation results from SORPAS® and continue the simulation with DynaWeld. Choose “File/Export … Continue reading

Can I use an absolutely flat tip design for the electrode?

Absolute flat tip of electrode does not exist in reality. Even if they made the electrode with absolute flat tip by design, after just one weld, the tip face is deformed to have a natural curvature with a radius of R=50mm to R=100mm approximately. The ISO Standard electrode forms are mostly with tip face curvature … Continue reading

Can I add coating to a rivet?

Yes, in SORPAS® 2D. joining you also have the possibility to add a coating to the rivet like in 2D. welding. On how to add coating to the rivet follow these steps Open the file and go through edit data file. Select the rivet you want to add coating on. Under Geometry and Materials find … Continue reading

Add a new electrode to the SORPAS® database

If the electrode you want to use for the simulation is not in the library, you contact us on our support portal with specifications of the electrode from your supplier. If you are an active user of SORPAS®, we add the material free of charge. You can also add the electrode yourself, follow the instructions … Continue reading