Welding Industries

Welding is a manufacturing method widely used in industry for joining nearly everything with metal parts and components, from assembly of small electronics to producing cars and building airplanes, as well as construction of ships, bridges and sky scrapers.

Resistance welding and mechanical joining are most commonly used for joining small parts in electronics and thin sheets in automotive, aerospace industries.

Industry 4.0 in the Welding Industry means Digitalization of Welding Process Planning and Optimizations!

The conventional way of Process Planning and Optimizations for welding production is by making numerous experimental (physical) welding tests and trials. This is highly costly and very time consuming also wasting a lot of materials and human hours, which significantly prolongs the development time and delays launch of new production lines, otherwise leaving many unsolved problems to production maintenance or undetected defects in weld quality.

In order to reduce the costs and speed up the developments as well as increase production stability and weld quality, a new way of working is to replace as much as possible the physical tests by digital (or virtual) tests with computer simulations and optimizations.

Yes, SORPAS® is specially developed for this purpose and proven working effectively for resistance spot welding by world leading companies in auto industry and electrical and electronics industries in Europe, Asia and North America. With new developments in Mechanical Joining, the applications are also extending to aero industry.

It is time now to shift to a new way of working with digitalization of weld process planning and optimizations!

SORPAS® serves the manufacturing companies with increasing users at production plants in various industrial sectors all over the world:

Gallery of case studies

The greatest value of SORPAS® is the leading-edge technology and enormous benefits for direct industrial applications near production at manufacturing companies. Some examples for industrial applications of the software are presented in the Gallery.