SORPAS® 3D.welding

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SORPAS® 3D has been developed on the basis of successful applications of SORPAS® 2D on the same concept with easy-to-use graphic user interface (GUI) and straightforward functions for industrial applications of resistance welding.

It is now possible to simulate complex and challenging applications of resistance welding.

New Input Wizard has been specially designed for quickly building and operating 3D models, setting up welding parameters, programming movements of electrodes and workpieces similar to production assembly line of resistance welding.

SORPAS® 3D can be quickly learned and easily used by industrial users and welding professionals. To the right is a screenshot of the GUI with the step of Input Wizard for building 3D models.

SORPAS 3D interface

The material database and machine database are directly shared with SORPAS® 2D. Two new libraries have been developed for storing and loading 3D models of hexahedral mesh objects for electrodes and workpieces.

SORPAS 3D simulation for 3 spot welds

Industrial applications of SORPAS® 3D welding simulation

Our goal with SORPAS® 3D.welding is to facilitate and support research and development, product design, and welding process optimization. SORPAS® 3D.welding will be especially useful tool for simulation of complex welding applications such as multiple welds, projection welding, electrode misalignment and rotational movement in seam welding. This has made SORPAS® 3D the only software system with simulation of welding process and subsequent weld strength testing with failure mode prediction all in one go.

Below are some examples of SORPAS® 3D.welding simulations.

projection welding model for long-embossment

SORPAS® 3D model for simulation of resistance projection welding with longitudinal embossment.

projection welding with longitudinal embossment

SORPAS® 3D simulation result for resistance projection welding with longitudinal embossment.

SORPAS 3D model for single-sided sheet to tube welding

SORPAS® 3D model for simulation of single-sided sheet to tube welding.

Single-sided sheet to tube welding result by SORPAS 3D.welding

SORPAS® 3D simulation result for single-sided sheet to tube welding.