SORPAS® 2D.welding

SORPAS® 2D.welding is our core simulation software dedicated for resistance spot welding and projection welding.

You can speed up product development and production commissioning, improve weld quality and production stability, reveal root causes and solve welding problems through simulations and optimizations.

Widely used in the automotive industry by nearly all OEMs.

Since 1999, SORPAS® has been constantly developed to meet the needs of industry. The integration of welding expertise with numerical techniques has made SORPAS® a powerful yet practical tool for engineers directly working near production lines.

Weld nugget simulation

SORPAS 2D welding simulation result with real test

SORPAS® 2D.welding can simulate spot welding process and predict weld nugget size and shape based on the combination of sheet thickness and materials, the electrode forms, the type of welding machine and process parameters.

The simulation can be used as a virtual welding machine to test the weld designs and welding process settings. With the graphical display of simulation results revealing the heat development inside the weld nugget through the entire welding process, it is possible to detect the root causes of welding problems and inspire new designs and improvements.

Prediction of expulsion/splash

Expulsion (or splash, spatter) happens when the molten metal escapes from the weld interface. The liquid metal inside the nugget expands with increasing heat. If the electrode force cannot keep it inside, splash occurs violently. It causes cosmetic problems, defective welds, safety issues for workers, and maintenance problems in the production line.

SORPAS®2D.welding can simulate not only spot welding process but also expulsion/splashes. The intensity level of splashes is also indicated together with the weld nugget sizes. The splash prediction is essential for the optimization functions to predict the process windows and optimize welding parameters.

Process windows

Weldability Lobe simulated by SORPAS 2D.welding

Process windows are the chart of weld parameters that can generate acceptable welds. It is essential for finding optimized welding parameters. The common way to generate the process windows(weldability lobe) is by repeating many coupon tests.

SORPAS® can simulate and predict the splashes in spot welding of steels and aluminium alloys. With the prediction of the weld nugget sizes, You can use SORPAS® 2D.welding to generate the welding process windows. Many customers in the automotive industry are using these functions for welding process planning and optimizations.

Planning of weld schedules

Weld planning is the mostly-used feature for our customers to predict the welding procedure specifications. SORPAS®2D.welding predicts optimized weld current, weld force, and weld time for desired weld quality. You can use weld planning for spot welding of steels and aluminium alloys. It is also possible to set customized preferences and advanced welding process specifications.

To help the engineers who need to handle the massive amount of weld combinations, SORPAS®2D.welding has an add-on module, Excel batch planning. You can prepare up to 500 weld tasks in one excel file.

Built-in material database

SORPAS Material Database

The built-in material database in SORPAS® 2D.welding has included nearly all commonly used metal materials including

  • all types of steel
  • aluminum alloys
  • titanium alloys
  • copper alloys
  • nickel-based alloys
  • surface coating materials
  • pure metals
  • metals with high melting point such as tungsten and molybdenum

You can also add new materials. We support our customers in generating the database for new materials.

Easy-to-use interface

SORPAS 2D.welding - Input Wizard for welding process parameters

Input wizard in SORPAS® 2D.welding helps you to build a model by entering the basic data such as sheet thickness, material data, and process parameters. You can save parts used in a simulation in the Electrode/Workpiece database and reuse them in other simulations.

Without any knowledge of numerical models, SORPAS makes the whole process straightforward for welding engineers.

Export functions

SORPAS® 2D.welding provides export for several other software such as Dynaweld, Abaqus, and LS-Dyna.


SORPAS® 2D.welding has been applied in various industries for solving problems in spot welding and supporting research and development as well as process parameter optimizations.

  • Evaluating weldability of materials
  • Simulation of the design of weld combinations
  • Testing design of electrodes
  • Inventing new applications

“We have been using SORPAS® since 2001 and have made many innovative developments in resistance welding. We are now further extending the applications of simulation to process optimization for supporting production planning.”

– Mr. Matthias Graul, Volkswagen AG, Germany