Research projects

In order to keep in the frontline of technology, SWANTEC has participated in many research projects throughout the years in collaboration with companies, institutes and universities. This has been the driving force for the continuous developments of SORPAS® based on the results of research projects as well as the feedback from users according to requirements of industrial applications. Below are some research projects SWANTEC participated.

European projects:

Smart Innovation (2017-2018):

“Development of Efficient Numerical Simulation of Resistance Welding and Strength Testing”

The purpose of the project is to develop an efficient integration of the numerical simulation of resistance welding in 2D (when possible) and subsequent numerical simulation in 3D of strength testing. This will allow quick simulation and give a much more efficient solution than the existing procedure involving 3D simulation of both welding and strength testing. By saving computational time, it is possible to refine the numerical simulations further to improve accuracy. An additional purpose of the project is to link the simulations performed by SORPAS to other commercial codes, such as LS-DYNA and ABAQUS, giving the possibility of structural simulation and crash testing simulation with the simulated weld properties from SORPAS.

EMFWELD (2012-2014):

“Analysis of Workers Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from Welding and NDT Processes, Guidelines for Risk Assessment and Development of Risk Assessment Web Based Application”

European research project EWFWELD financed by the European Commission involving 7 partners from 5 European countries with overall goals to reduce the cost of EMF exposure assessment in fabrication and NDT processes, specifically in welding and MPI. The aims are 1) to improve knowledge of EMF in welding and inspection, 2) to provide tools for the correct assessment of workers exposure to EMF, and 3) to reduce the cost of compliance for SMEs. Further information at the website:

SmartDress (2011-2013):

“Adaptive Tip dress Control for Automated Resistance Spot Welding”

European research project SmartDress financed by the European Commission involving 7 partners from 5 European countries launched for developing a fully automated adaptive control system that will optimise, monitor, maintain tip quality, and minimise line stoppages. Further information at the project

XPRESS (2007-2011):

“Flexible Production Experts for Reconfigurable Assembly Technology”

EU research project XPRESS financed by the European Commission involving 17 partners from 9 European countries for developing flexible production experts for reconfigurable assembly technology in 3 representative industrial sectors (automotive, aeronautics and electrical). SWANTEC participated as industrial partner responsible for welding simulations.

Danish national projects:

InnoJoint (2006-2010):

“Innovative Joining Processes Applying Integrated Modelling”
Danish research project INNOJOINT on numerical modeling of resistance and friction stir welding processes for 4 years (2006-2010), which is financed by the Danish Research Council with a consortium of five departments from DTU and SWANTEC as the sole industrial partner.

TALENT Project (1997-2000):

Modelling and Optimising Resistance Welding of Complex Geometries and Material Combinations.

Danish framework program (MUP2) (1994-1997):

Projection Welding of Complex Geometries and Material Combinations.

PhD projects at the Technical University of Denmark:

Chris Valentin Nielsen (2009-2012):
“3D Modelling and Testing of Contact Problems in Resistance Welding”.

Kasper Leth Friis (2007-2010):
“Resistance Welding of Complex Materials and Micro Components”.

Pei Wu (2002-2005):
“Testing and modelling of machine properties in resistance welding”.

Quanfeng Song (2000-2003):
“Testing and modelling of material and contact properties in resistance welding”.

Mogens Hørslev Rasmussen (1997-2000):
“Quality assurance in resistance projection welding by process surveillance”.

Lars Kristensen (1996-1999):
“Resistance projection welding of complex geometries”.

Michael Peter Malberg (1994-1997):
“Characterization of mechanical and electrical properties of resistance projection welding machines”.

Wenqi Zhang (1991-1994):
“Bond Formation in Cold Welding of Metals”.

Steen Skytte Jensen (1988-1992):

“Resistance welding with strategic surface coatings”.