SORPAS® 3D.testing

SORPAS® 3D.testing is developed to simulate the common testing methods, then to predict the weld strengths as well as the failure modes by simulating fracture of the welded sheets.

CAE/CAD engineers need realistic weld strengths to make crash modeling and structural simulations depending on actual materials and realistic welding production conditions. SORPAS® 3D.testing can predict weld strength results based on welding simulations and export results to crash simulation models such as Abaqus and others.

Key applications of SORPAS® 3D.testing
  • To evaluate the weld and joint strengths based on the welding simulations with actual welding and joining conditions.
  • To provide the weld and joint strengths dependent on actual materials and welding conditions to the subsequent structural and crash simulations.

How to use SORPAS® 3D.testing?

You can make easily build a 3D testing model with sheet materials and defined weld points. You can also continue strength testing from the results of SORPAS® 3D.welding. This usually gives more accurate simulation. Because the material properties around the weld zone has significant effect on the weld strength.

It is also possible to import the results of SORPAS® 2D.welding and 2D.joining simulations via the add-on module of SORPAS® Read more about that here.

Templates for making testing models

The SORPAS® 3D.testing has build-in 3D modeling templates for creating strength testing workpieces. By entering a few parameters for the dimensions and shapes, users can easily create a test workpiece. Currently supported templates are for:

  • Tensile shear test
  • Cross tension test
  • Peel test
  • KSII test

Below are some examples of weld strength testing simulated by SORPAS® 3D.testing. The simulation results include the weld strengths and failure modes as well as the load-elongation curve with maximum breaking force.

Cross tension test - Plug failure

SORPAS 3D testing animated result for the cross tension test
Load Displacement Curve simulated by SORPAS 3D.testing

Cross tension test - Interface failure

SORPAS 3D testing animated result for the cross tension test with interface failure
spot weld cross tension test curve

Axial tension test - Plug failure

Strength test simulation of weld - axial tension
SORPAS 3D testing animated result for the axial tension test with plug failure
spot welding strength axial test curve

Tensile shear test

weld strength testing : tensile shear
SORPAS 3D testing simulation for tensile shear test

Peel test - Plug failure

SORPAS 3D testing animated result for the peel test

Templates also available for mechanical joining