2023.07.30 New Version Release – SORPAS ®2D v.15.0 and SORPAS® 3D v7.0

The new version of SORPAS® 2D and 3D is officially released.

Read the full release note here.

2021.12.17 New Distributor in Taiwan

Elite Crown Software & Consulting Co., Ltd. (岱冠科技有限公司) has been appointed as the representative of SWANTEC for distribution of SORPAS® in Taiwan.

2021.9.30 New Version Release! – SORPAS® 2D v.14.0 and SORPAS® 3D v6.0

The new version of SORPAS® 2D and 3D is officially released.

2019.1.20 New Add-on module! – SORPAS®

The new module makes it really easy to transform the simulation results of SORPAS® 2D.welding and 2D.joining and then continue to simulate in 3D.testing, so you get the weld strength tests with very little work.

Please find more details in the SORPAS®

2018.10.30 New SORPAS® interface for DynaWeld

DynaWeld and Swantec have developed an interface between SORPAS® 2D and DynaWeld.

The new interface enables the user to export process simulation results from SORPAS® and continue the simulation with DynaWeld.  It benefits the DynaWeld user with the integration of high elaborated and well benchmarked resistance spot weld simulation from SORPAS®.

For SORPAS® we continue to develop further export possibilities from SORPAS® to make the work of the engineers more efficient.

swantec logo  link to DynaWeld

2017.11.01 – SWANTEC selected among Top 25 Simulation Providers by APAC CIOOutlook Magazine!

We are proud that APAC CIO Outlook Magazine has selected us to be among the top 25 simulation providers 2017.

Read the full article here.


2017.10.01 – Release of the new module SORPAS2D.joining!

We are pleased to announce the release of the new SORPAS 2D.joining module, where we have focused on developing a software as effective as our SORPAS 2D.welding.

This new module means that now you can make simulations of both resistance welding and mechanical joining as well as the combined hybrid joining processes for joining similar and dissimilar materials in automotive and aerospace applications.


2016.11.23 – SWANTEC achieved the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate for Quality Management

ISO 9001:2015 certified

SWANTEC has proudly achieved the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate for Quality Management. This further ensures our continuous pursuit to improve the quality of our products and services and satisfaction of our customers.


2015.01.25 – New distributor in Turkey

RAVIDA Software Metal Inc., Turkey, has been appointed as the representative of SWANTEC for distribution of SORPAS® in Turkey.


2013.10.01 – SWANTEC awarded “Gazelle Company 2013” in Denmark

gazelle 2013

SWANTEC has been honored as a “Gazelle Company 2013” in Denmark for a high growth in the past four years. Many thanks to our customers and partners worldwide for continuous support and cooperation over all years.


2012.12.01 – New Software SORPAS® 3D Launched!

The new software system SORPAS® 3D is officially released after several years heavy research and developments!


2012.10.01 – EU Project “EMFWELD” started (2012-2014)

European research project EWFWELD financed by the European Commission involving 7 partners from 5 European countries launched with overall goals to reduce the cost of EMF exposure assessment in fabrication and NDT processes, specifically in welding and MPI. The aims are 1) to improve knowledge of EMF in welding and inspection, 2) to provide tools for the correct assessment of workers exposure to EMF, and 3) to reduce the cost of compliance for SMEs. Further information at the project website:


2012.03.01 – New Version Release! – SORPAS® 11

The key updates and new developments in SORPAS® 11 include:

– Modeling of microstructures in steels with Martensite, Bainite, Pearlite/Ferrite after welding and cooling.
– Modeling of spot welding with non-conductive adhesives and shunt connection at end of sheets.
– Prediction of dynamic splash with starting time and 3 splash intensity levels (low, medium and high).
– Batch run optimizations (Weld planning, Weld growth curve and Weld lobe).
– Air cooling is introduced as alternative for water cooling of electrodes.
– many other improvements…


2011.12.01 – EU Project “SmartDress” started (2011-2013)

European research project SmartDress financed by the European Commission involving 7 partners from 5 European countries launched for developing a fully automated adaptive control system that will optimize, monitor, maintain tip quality, and minimize line stoppages. Further information at the project website:


2009.11.30 – New Version Release! – SORPAS® 10

Highlights: Weld Planning, Simulation of Multiple Welds, 3-sheet welding, AHSS, and Aluminum Alloys!

The major new developments and improvements in SORPAS® 10 are as follows:

– New functions for Weld Planning with optimal welding process parameters and welding process window.
– Fully updated materials data for all aluminum alloys and all types of steels.
– Fully updated electrode database with all new electrode from newly issued standard ISO 5821:2009.
– Improved accuracy for all numerical models and functions.
– Improved functions for Weld Growth Curves, Weld Lobes and batch simulations.
– New functions to show weld nugget sizes and weld strengths at each weld interface.
– New functions for running multiple welds continuously repeating with the same electrodes but new sheets.
– Improved force control and simulation of dynamic deformations.
– Flexible and realistic control for adding gap between sheets in spot welding.
– Total number of elements increased up to 5000.
– Improved functions for splash (expulsion) prediction.
– New Watcher automatically starts with simulations.
– many other improvements…

Please find more details in the SORPAS® 10 Release Notes.


2009.10.18 – New distributor in China

Shanghai Infomass Information Technology Co., Ltd. (上海信聚信息技术有限公司) has been appointed as the representative of SWANTEC for distribution of SORPAS® in China.

2008.03.31 – Release of SORPAS® 9.0

This new version has included many improvements on the existing functions of previous versions based on the feedbacks and requirements of users as well as our own tests and verifications. At the same time, many new functions have been developed and implemented.

The major new developments and improvements in SORPAS® 9.0 are as follows:

– Improvements on system performance and increasing computation speed
– Improvements on simulation results e.g. nugget sizes and splash limits etc
– Prediction of weld strengths and failure modes in spot welding
– Simulation of thermal expansion, residual stresses and cracking risks
– Mouse enhanced GUI functions for zooming, modifying geometry and adding mesh density control points
– many other improvements…

Please find more details in the SORPAS® 9.0 Release Notes.


2007.03.31 – Release of SORPAS® 8.0

The major new developments and new features of SORPAS® 8.0 are made in the following areas:

– Microstructures and hardness after welding
– Machine database and automatic process optimizations
– Graphical user interface and improvements of usability and reliability

Please find more details in the SORPAS® 8.0 Release Notes.


2007.01.01 – EU Project “XPRESS” started for 4 years (2007-2011)

A large European research project XPRESS financed by the European Commission for 4 years (2007-2011) involving 17 partners from 9 European countries launched for developing flexible production experts for reconfigurable assembly technology in 3 representative industrial sectors (automotive, aeronautics and electrical). SWANTEC is participating as industrial partner responsible for welding simulations.


2006.12.01 – We have moved to new address!

Since 1 December 2006 we have moved from Agern Alle 3, 2970 Hoersholm to our new office at the science park Scion-DTU in Lyngby. Our new address is below:

SWANTEC Software and Engineering ApS
Diplomvej 373
DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby
Tel.: +45 7567 8888
Fax: +45 7567 8885


2006.03.31 – Release of SORPAS® 7.0

The new version SORPAS® 7.0 is now released with many new functions including the prediction of weldability lobes. Two types of the weldability lobes can be predicted referring to ISO 14327:2004: 1) varying the weld current and time with constant force and 2) varying the weld current and force with constant time. The ranges of the weld current are determined according to three weld nugget diameters (minimum, maximum and nominal). More details are described in products and applications.


2006.03.01 – New distributor in Japan

Sumisho Computer Systems Corp. (SCS) has been appointed as the national distributor of SORPAS® in Japan. SCS is one of the largest engineering software trading company in Japan with Head Office in Tokyo and local offices throughout the country.


2005.12.01 – Large Research Project funding approved in Denmark!

Five leading research groups of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) together with SWANTEC as the industrial partner have got a new research funding (~1.7m Euro) from the Danish Government for the next four years (2006-2009) for a large Research Project: INNOJOINT – INNOvative JOining processes applying INTegrated modelling.

The objective of the project is to make comprehensive research and developments in modeling of joining processes with integration of all interrelated aspects including materials, products, tools and process dynamics aiming for industrial applications.

The participating research groups from DTU include the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Solid Mechanics and three research groups from the Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Management including the Metallurgical Group, the Process Techniques Group and the Numerical Modeling Group. SWANTEC is the only industrial partner directly participating in the project. Several external partners have agreed to participate in the project as associated partners including Robert Bosch (DE), Volvo Trucks (SE), Danfoss (DK), Grundfos (DK) and RWTH Aachen (DE).


2005.12.01 – New distributor in Korea

I S Korea Co., Ltd. located in Busan has been appointed as the representative of SWANTEC for distribution of SORPAS® in Korea.


2005.09.01 – SORPAS® showed again at Essen Welding Fair!

New functions including the automated optimization of weld current and the New Input Wizard were demonstrated at the resent Essen Welding Fair in Essen, Germany. SORPAS® has once again impressed hundreds of visitors. It now takes only a few minutes to prepare and run a simulation of resistance welding processes. Three new customers had ordered the licenses of SORPAS® right during the Fair.


2005.07.01 – SORPAS® enters Japan!

Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd. has purchased a software package of SORPAS® 6.0 Enterprise and become the first native Japanese company using SORPAS®. This strengthens the market position of Sumitomo Metals and at the same time promotes the developments and industrial applications of SORPAS®.

Sumitomo Metals is one of the leading steel making companies in Japan, who has world-class production of advanced high strength steels and other steel products and supplies nearly all Japanese automotive companies. Sumitomo Metals has strategically strong expertise in resistance welding applications of steel materials.