The greatest value of SORPAS® is the leading-edge technology and enormous benefits for direct industrial applications near production at manufacturing companies. Here we present case studies that explain the sciences behind resistance welding. You can also read case studies on the Linkedin page.

Case studies

nodal temperature curve showing cooling rate

Weld quality & hold time

When engineers plans the welding process parameters, the weld nugget size is the key factor to optimize. But weld quality is not only about the weld nugget size. It is also important to get high weld strengths and good material ...
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weldability lobe of DP600 2 sheets spot welding

Process window and strength of steels

Advanced high strength steels (AHSS) have been continuously developed and are increasingly adopted in car body manufacturing. The weldability of different steels is also different from each other resulting in changing process windows. With simulations and optimizations by SORPAS 2D.welding, ...
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2D.welding simulation examples

3D.welding simulation examples

2D.joining simulation examples

3D.testing simulation examples