Latest version updates

SORPAS 2D v14.0

Release date – September 2021

SORPAS 2D.welding and 2D.joining v14.0 is available. This new version upgrade includes enhanced calculation speed, improvements in optimization and planning functions, and new features.

SORPAS 2D upgrade 64bit

System upgrade to 64bit

This upgrade improves the stability of calculations and efficiency of parallel computation especially for new generation of processors.

softening zone around weld nugget simulated by SORPAS 2D

Modeling of softening effects

New function for modeling and prediction of softening effects in hardness distribution around the HAZ after spot welding of high strength steels.

SORPAS 2D input wizard for joining

New Input wizard for joining

Input wizard makes it easy to build simulation model for Joining (SPR and clinching) by selecting rivet, die and other objects from database.

  • Excel batch planning – Improvements with new options and more detailed output results in Excel batch planning.
  • Calculations of solidification factors – New functions on calculations of solidification factors “R” and “G” with all related results saved in the new result file: “filename_RG.csv”. New material data “dT.RG” is implemented in the Material Database, which is used only to off-set the Solidus and Liquidus exclusively for calculations of solidification factors “R” and “G”. Read more related research using this new features.
  • Improved calculation for process range – Systematic improvements on Weld planning and Optimizations for predicting better process range with optimal welding process parameters.
  • Improvement on residual calculation – Systematic improvements on calculations of residual stresses and residual strains with considerations of phase transformations and dynamic coupling of thermal effects during heating and cooling processes.
  • Special improvements for simulation in Hybrid mode – It is possible to simulate welding and joining in the same process at the same time.

SORPAS 3D v6.0

Release date – September 2021

SORPAS 3D.welding and 3D.testing v14.0 is available now. This new version upgrade includes new equation solver, improvement in calculations of residuals during cooling time and fracture calculations during strength testing, and new user-friendly functions for preparing 3D models and analyzing the results.

new solver option in SORPAS 3D

New equation solver available

New ‘Sparse’ solver reduces the calculation time up to 75% for big size model and projection welding based on in-house test. The number can vary depending on the simulation condition.

SORPAS 2D3D diagram


SORPAS made it possible to import spot welding and mechanical joining result from SORPAS 2D to SORPAS 3D.testing for further applications.

quarter of embossment object in SORPAS 3D library

New embossment template

New template for creating 3D model of sheet with embossment is implemented specially for simulations of battery welding and electrical connector welding.

  • Improvements on calculations during cooling in Off and Idle time after reading the cut-off cooling temperature.
  • New improvements on the coupling of thermal stresses and residual stresses calculated during the Off-time.
  • Improvements on simulation of weld strength testing related to fracture calculation.
  • Improvements on calculation of deformation heat which is synchronized with SORPAS 2D.
  • Electrode ejection movements are automatically added at the end of Hold-time in the Input wizard, if the Off-time is given.
  • Automatic releasing of tool connections after tools moved away from objects by manual movements as programmed in the Input wizard step 5.
  • New results display for stresses and strains in cylindrical coordinate. The nodal result curve for these results can be also exported.
  • The total number of steps allowable on display of process parameter curves and animations are extended to 50,000.
  • New interface names displayed to indicate the position of weld interface for current through interface, melted area, and melted mean diameter at interface.
  • Nodal result curves for weld strength testing is available.
  • Scale bar is implemented in 3D graphic view.
  • New function to delete elements selected manually by double-click from the 3D graphic view.
  • Export function is available for SORPAS 3D results converted from SORPAS 2D with
  • Checking nodal value – You can check the value of the selected node in SORPAS 3D result view. Click nodal value icon from the top tool bar, and select a node of your interest by double-click.