Weld Optimizing

< Key Principle > To achieve welding process windows as large as possible to ensure good quality welds without expulsion/splash/spatter.

< Real Problem > Need numerous weld tests with real materials to find out the process window, which is time consuming and highly costly.

< Digital Solution > Predict process windows with Weld Growth Curves and Weldability Lobes by numerical simulations and optimizations.

Welding process optimization

With the SORPAS 2D.welding , several functions for automated simulations have been developed to support welding process parameter optimization. It is possible to run fully automated procedures to generate the weld growth curves and the weldability lobes for weld optimizing.

weld growth curve

This is a weld growth curve generated automatically with SORPAS® for spot welding of 1 mm mild steel sheets in the range of weld current from 2 kA to 15 kA. The software has automatically identified the working range with green color points indicating the good spot welds. The red points in the graph indicate splashes and the black points indicate no weld.

weldability lobe graph by SORPAS 2D

This is a weldability lobe generated automatically with SORPAS® for spot welding of 1 mm mild steel sheets with two welding process parameters (weld current and time) referring to ISO 14327:2004. Three reference weld nugget diameters (minimum, maximum and nominal) are indicated. It is also possible to generate the weldability lobe with weld current and force.

Riveting optimization

SPR shape variation –> optimal geometry

sorpas 2d.joining self-piercing riveting optimizing example