2018 Conference

The 10th International Seminar & Conference on

Advances in Resistance Welding and Mechanical Joining

12-14th September, 2018, Esslingen, Germany


SWANTEC Software and Engineering ApS, Denmark
Hochschule Esslingen-University of Applied Sciences, Germany


Inventions and innovative developments have enabled new possibilities for joining challenging materials such as aluminum alloys, copper alloys and advanced high-strength steels by welding, joining technologies.

Resistance welding remains one of the most efficient and competitive joining technologies in automotive, aerospace, electrical, and other industries. While mechanical joining (SPR and clinching) also finds increasing applications especially for joining dissimilar materials.

In order to keep current with technologies available in the field of resistance welding and mechanical joining, a biennial series of international seminars and conferences have been conducted by SWANTEC since 2000 in collaborations with various co-organizing partners, and held alternatively in Europe, North America, and Asia.

The 10th international seminar and conference is organized by SWANTEC and Hochschule Esslingen – University of Applied Sciences on 12-14th September 2018 in Esslingen, Stuttgart, Germany.


  • To bring up the latest innovations and developments on industrial applications of resistance welding and mechanical joining technologies.
  • To provide an opportunity for industrialists and specialists in welding and joining to share their expertise and experiences at an international level.

Topics and subjects

  • State of the art in welding and joining, and a look into Industry 4.0
  • Advances in mechanical joining, self-pierce riveting (SPR), and clinching
  • Advanced high strength steels, dissimilar materials, and coating
  • Copper alloys and electronic materials, complex joints
  • Welding machine, tooling, monitoring, and controls
  • Digital technologies and computer simulations


Proceedings of all lectures will be written in English and distributed to participants at the seminar. Presentations will be presented in English during the event.