2020 International Conference – postponed to 2024

Shanghai, 23-25 September, 2020 – Postponed to 2024

The 11th International Seminar and Conference on Advances in Resistance Welding and Mechanical joining will be organized in Shanghai, China.

Inventions and innovative developments have enabled new possibilities for joining challenging materials such as aluminium alloys, copper alloys and advanced high-strength steels by welding and joining technologies. Resistance welding remains one of the most efficient and competitive joining technologies in automotive, aerospace, electrical, and other industries. While mechanical joining (SPR and clinching) also finds increasing applications especially for joining of dissimilar materials.

In order to keep current with technologies available in the field of welding and joining, a biennial series of international seminars and conferences have been conducted by SWANTEC since 2000 in collaboration with various co-organizing partners.

Well-known, invited experts and welding professionals from leading companies and institutes worldwide give lectures. The topics cover the latest inventions and developments in resistance welding with special emphasis on adaptive control technologies and applications for welding of challenging materials, as well as new achievements on inspections of weld quality and assessment of electromagnetic fields.

We invite you insert your information below, and we will keep you updated on any news on this conference. We hope that you will have the opportunity to join us at the conference.

History of the conference

  • 1st October 2000 Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2nd November 2002 Aachen, Germany
  • 3rd November 2004 Berlin, Germany
  • 4th November 2006 Wels, Austria
  • 5th September 2008 Toronto, Canada
  • 6th September 2010 Hamburg, Germany
  • 7th September 2012 Busan, Korea
  • 8th September 2014 Baveno, Italy
  • 9th April 2016 Miami, USA
  • 10th September 2018 Esslingen, Germany