2024 International Seminar & Conference

18-20 September 2024, Shanghai, China

The 11th International Seminar and Conference on Advances in Resistance Welding and Mechanical joining will be organized in Shanghai, China.

The rapid development and production of electric vehicles (EVs) are reshaping the automotive industry with a massive transformation to E-mobility. The transition to E-mobility has increased the welding and joining of battery cells, modules and packs, as well as electric motors and power electronics. The need for reducing CO2 emissions and improving vehicle performance has stimulated the production of lightweight designs by joining higher-strength steels, aluminum alloys, die-cast aluminum, and dissimilar materials.

These trends require new developments and production of more advanced materials with higher strength-to-weight ratios, which also have complicated the welding and joining processes requiring more intelligent welding process optimizations and sophisticated weld quality assurance.

To keep up to date with technology advancements in the field of resistance welding and mechanical joining, and to provide an opportunity for industrialists and welding specialists to share their expertise, experiences and outlooks at an international level, a series of biennial international seminars has been organized by SWANTEC since 2000 in collaborations with various co-organizing partners alternatively in Europe, North America and Asia.

Well-known experts and welding professionals from leading companies and institutes worldwide are invited to present their latest inventions and developments related to resistance welding and mechanical joining technologies and applications.

All are welcome to join the conference.



• E-Mobility transformations and challenges in welding and joining.
• Light-weight designs and assemblies with AHSS, die-casting aluminum, dissimilar materials.
• Welding and joining of battery cells, modules and packs.
• Welding and joining of powertrain and power electronics.
• Digitalization of welding, simulations, digital twins and AI.
• Welding process monitoring and weld quality inspections.
• Welding equipment, machines, and adaptive controls.
• Electrode materials, tip dressing, and tooling techniques.
• New joining techniques, mechanical joining (SPR and clinching) and hybrid joining processes.



All papers and presentations will be in English.

Important dates:

  • Deadline for submission of abstract:
    30 April 2024
  • Deadline for submission of full paper:
    31 July 2024
  • Conference dates:
    18-20 September 2024

Conference location:

The Eton Hotel Shanghai
No.535 Pudong Avenue
Pudong, 200001 Shanghai, China
上海, 浦东新区, 浦东大道535号

Phone: +86 21 3878 9888

History of the conference

  • 1st – October 2000 Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2nd – November 2002 Aachen, Germany
  • 3rd – November 2004 Berlin, Germany
  • 4th – November 2006 Wels, Austria
  • 5th – September 2008 Toronto, Canada
  • 6th – September 2010 Hamburg, Germany
  • 7th – September 2012 Busan, Korea
  • 8th – September 2014 Baveno, Italy
  • 9th – April 2016 Miami, USA
  • 10th – September 2018 Esslingen, Germany