SORPAS® Export functions

Export your SORPAS® simulation and testing results

First step in the process of increasing quality of welding is to make simulations in SORPAS® 2D.welding, 2D.joining, or 3D.welding, and analyse the results.

Often, next step is to use the results for further analysis of strength in other structural or crash simulation software. This could be in Abaqus, LS-Dyna, Dynaweld, and many more.

Our focus is always to make it easy for the user, so therefore, we have included an export function in SORPAS® 2D and 3D. This means that you can export welding and joining results, but you can also export 3D.testing results. The results are exported in a csv-file which you can use to import into other software.

The export file is already finalized for Abaqus, LS-Dyna, and Dynaweld. Should you need to import into another software and you are a licensed SORPAS® user, then contact us, and we will develop the solution for you.

SORPAS export results to crash modeling

Export from SORPAS 2D

Export from SORPAS 3D

SORPAS export function to Abaqus

Here you find the function in SORPAS®

You find the build-in function under “File” in the menu. Here you can see which software functions are already build-in.

If you are a licensed user and need to export to other software, please contact us, and we will develop a solution for that software.

You use the function in SORPAS® 2D.welding, 2D.joining, 3D.welding, and 3D.testing.

Transfer 2D results into 3D

Sometimes you develop a 2D model and later need to amend it or combine it with other models in 3D or need to make some strength tests and therefore would like to transfer the model from SORPAS® 2D to 3D.

This is possible in a very easy way with our extra module SORPAS®

The module is an add-on to the SORPAS® 2D software which comes with an extra cost, but makes live very easy for you.