spot welding

Weld splash

Weld splash (expulsion/spatter) happens when molten material comes out from the weld nugget. It causes cosmetic problems, defective welds, safety issues for workers, and maintenance problems in the production line. Weld splash is one of the most common issues in the welding industry. Why does weld splash happen? There are many causes of splashes. The … Continue reading

Gap between sheets

Gap between welding parts causes problems like no weld or expulsion. By using process windows with different gap distance, you may get an idea for optimal welding parameters.

Weld quality & hold time

When engineers plan the welding process parameters, the weld nugget size is the key factor to optimize. But weld quality is not only about the weld nugget size. It is also important to get high weld strengths and good material properties around the weld. In this case study, we present the influences of the hold … Continue reading

Liquid metal embrittlement

Liquid metal embrittlement(LME) is a phenomenon where certain metals like Al and steels undergo brittle failure when stressed in contact with liquid metals like Zn, Sn, Pb, etc. One of the challenges in the welding industry is cracking due to LME observed on spot welds of Zn-coated High Strength Steel. Liquid zinc penetration results in … Continue reading