3D Case 2 – Tensile Shear Strength Testing

A lot of different parameters have to be testted regarding if the formed nugget is acceptable for the certain application. Parameters welding engineers often investigates are the mechanical properties of the nugget. To measure the mechanical properties different mechanical tests are used such as tensile strength test, cross tension test or hardness measurements. These tests can help to evaluate the weld nugget has an acceptable strength for the certain application. With SORPAS 3D testing it can help to evaluate the weld and joint strength based on simulations with actual welding and joining conditions. SORPAS 3D testing have also integrating standard templates for workpieces which makes it easier for the user to set up the welding test conditions. In this following tutorial it will show how to make a welding simulation and how to make a tensile test on the workpieces.

This tutorial demonstrates how to build a model with one spot weld and test the weld strength of the nugget by Tensile shear strength test. It shows how to set up the testing tools on the workpieces. To demonstrate this case simple, no change of materials and process parameter is done, we use default settings.

The example provides an excellent overview of building a model and set up for testing tools. It demonstrates how to add objects such as electrodes and workpiece, adding contact interface and adding testing tools for the workpieces.

The following steps of this tutorial: Model instructions -> Adding contact interface -> Connecting the welding machine -> connecting to the weld testing tools -> Run simulation -> Results.

3D Zugscherspannungstestmodell
3D Zugscherspannungstestmodell
Tensile Shear test